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Top 8 Presents for Bacon Lovers

July 1, 2009

We’ve all heard talk of Baconnaise (which comes second only to Bacon Lube) but there are plenty of other bacon-inspired products out there for the most devoted of meat lovers. And hey, not all of these products are made with real bacon, meaning you can even wrap them up and give them to your vegan friends for that next special occasion. I’m sure they’ll love it!

1. A wallet says something about you, so why not make a statement and be sure that everyone knows that you love bacon?bacon-wallet

2. Nothing’s sexier to a meat loving man than a bacon bra. Pair that up with some bacon lube and you’ve got a hot night ahead.


3. Every meat lover should display their culinary preferences loud and clear, even when it comes to interior design, which is why you can’t miss out on the bacon lamp.


4. If the shoes make a women, then the ladies certainly won’t want to be caught without these.

bacon shoes

5. During the time they’re not spending perusing meat related apps, iPhone addicts will want to protect their phone, and what better way then with bacon? (or what looks like bacon)

bacon iphone

6. No self-respecting meat lover can go without keeping a bottle of Bakon Vodka on stock in the liquor cabinet.

bakon vodka

7. Meat lovers are clean people — none of that dirty hippy shit — and they believe in dental hygiene, so make sure your friends are keeping their gums spic and span with bacon floss.

bacon floss

8. Nothing says business like bacon, which is why you don’t want to be without this briefcase.