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Deatails Magazine, Editor Call Bacon Lovers “Cult of Assholes”

July 9, 2009


This month’s Details magazine contains more than just a bunch of shitty mock-ups and 200-word-intern-authored blurbs about nothing: there is also an article about bacon!

In his article Lard Times, writer Ben Leventhal explores bacon and the cult-crazies (like us) who worship it. The piece is mostly tongue-in-cheek, with Leventhal dishing out some witty stabs at bacon lovers that are meant more to be fun than truly insulting.

Leventhal writes about many of the big players helping to push the bacon movement along (such as our friends at Baconsalt), but besides calling us all a “cult of assholes,” he never really does any interesting or meaningful cultural digging into the phenomenon. But that’s to be expected of Leventhal, a blogger for, who is himself a fiend for meat.