Bejeweled Beef Jerky Panties

July 7, 2009


Ever heard of Etsy? It’s an online marketplace for homemade jewelry and trinkets. But what online marketplace would be complete without someone offering beef jerky panties? At only $139 per pair, beef jerky panties are “made to order for each specific customer from the highest quality of dried preserved meats we can find at the closest convenience store”. The untreated jerky is not for eating, but another health warning of sorts states: “Rumor has it that wearing our brief jerky undergarments will release their natural pheremones once your body heat and moisture kicks in!”

Buy your own pair of beef jerky panties here.


I Hate Vegetarians – Roy Johnson

July 3, 2009

Thanks Roy, for summing it all up so well.

Sail West, Young Vegan – In A Meat Ship

July 3, 2009






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Intercepted Alien Conversation: Humans are Made of MEAT!!!

July 3, 2009

This conversation was intercepted by the Hubble Telescope somewhere outside the Milky Way. In it you can hear two alien voices discussing the human race and the fact that, though sentient, we are in fact made of meat. Scientists are working around the clock to determine if this conversation is between two aliens or two angels, either of which would prove ground-breaking.

Build Your Own EasyJo Meat House

July 2, 2009




~20 sausages
12 rashers of bacon
1kg of sausage meat
2/3 a packet of bread crumbs
= 5870 calories…

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Meat Love

July 2, 2009

At MeatCandy we love meat. Love it. But it turns out meat actually loves each other.

If raw meat can love, which this video proves, then why is every vegan I know so full of hatred for life?

Eat some meat and get over it, vegans. If life is love then life is meat. Get some protein and shut up.

Seal Meat Becomes Tasty Delicacy in Canada – Finally!

July 2, 2009


Three cheers for our brothers to the frozen north who have taken to eating the finest meat of all – cute meat.

From NY DailyNews:

Seal meat – from the same snuggly-looking sea mammals that are a pet cause of animal activists – is quite the culinary delicacy north of the border, where it’s served up seared and rare in fine restaurants, much like a loin of beef, The New York Times reports.

The “handful” of restaurants in Canada that serve seal have become unexpected tourist attractions, thanks to a European Union ban on imports of commercially caught Canadian seal products, the Times article states.

A little known fact about seal meat: They use heavy steel clubs to tenderize it.

Carnivore Win

July 2, 2009


Via FAIL Blog, Passive Agressive Notes

Everything is Better With Bacon, Even Diet Coke

July 2, 2009

coke with bacon

Everything does in fact taste better with bacon. And apparently bacon is so delicious that there are even some vegetarians and vegans who shy from their anti-meat ways when it comes to the fried deliciousness… “I’m a vegan… but I don’t consider bacon a meat.” Doesn’t that just make you a bacontarian? We love bacon too, but we hate hypocrites even more.

In any event, here is still more proof that everything tastes better with bacon. Behold, Diet Coke with Bacon. Delicious, I’m sure. And if you go raid a vegan’s pantry I’m almost certain that they’ll be hiding a few of these. Steal them and bring them to their rightful place: in a meat lover’s fridge.

Meat Market Girls

July 2, 2009

meat market girl

meat market girls 2

Nothing’s better than combining the pure beauty of raw meat and ladies. Dating tip: meat eating girls just have that extra oomph that you’ll never find in a vegan.

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