Did Eve’s Dirty Veganism Lose Humanity Our Meat Suits?


Whenever you look at raw meat you see the hand of God. For example, this photograph clearly portrays ancient mankind as we were in the Garden of Eden: hot and covered with raw meat.

Due to their meat clothes, Adam and Eve and Steve always had enough to eat. Whenever they were hungry they just reached down and tore a piece off their clothing. But as all good Christians know, paradise was not to last. Eve, that dirty God-hating tramp, decided to experiment with veganism, an act which God strictly forbade.

Ever since she touched that proteinless apple to her lips, the entire human race has been cursed with pain and suffering, not to mention a butt-load of vegans.

That is why our meat mafia is here to set the record straight. Once we cure the world of vegans and vegetarians, God will once again come to earth and we will be rewarded with meat suits.


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