Top Ten Vegan Foods that Look Like Poop

1. The Vegan “Pepito” – otherwise known as the poop sandwich


2. Top row, center: vegan chocolate mousse, good for fertilizing the garden


3. Vegan Boeuf Bourguignon – those fresh sprouts come out every time a vegan takes a dump


4. Vegan Pizza – or diarrhea on a crust?


5. Vegan Stew – or the next day after I had Chinese food at the baseball game?


6. Vegan Fish-Shaped Carrot Cake or tremendous log?


7. Strawberry Vegan rice krispie Treat. Yeah right. Try rice after a bloody bowel movement from not eating enough meat.


8. Vegan Bangers and Mash or Euro turd?


9. Vegan Marshmellow Brownie – you can already see where the fly larvae are hatching.


10. Vegan Cat Crap Cake


Who are the poop-eaters among us?



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20 Responses to “Top Ten Vegan Foods that Look Like Poop”

  1. tinako Says:

    I’m vegan and this made me laugh out loud. I think I would eat number five, though.

    Here is gross non-vegan food:

  2. liberalNmoderation Says:

    I’m a former vegan, some of that stuff looks nasty, but a few on there look pretty tasty. #’s 3 and 5

  3. Carol Says:


  4. Teddy Says:

    Yeah, because ACTUAL beef bourguignon looks nothing like poop, right? Direct your animus elsewhere – all food looks like poop.

  5. LOL Says:

    haha…you should check out the vegan chorizo sometime. It comes in a plastic tube that, when squeezed, pushes the “chorizo” out in a manner that…well, you can probably see where this is going….

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  7. Top Pop Music Radio Streaming Says:

    Hmmm….delicious….I Like it

  8. Eric Says:

    #2 looks the most like number two.

  9. Forrester McLeod Says:

    Dude! If I were rich I’d buy whoever’s eating those horrific looking piles of yuckiness out here to California and feed them mounds of bright-colored deliciousness sure to fullfill all their nutritious needs! That’s just sad! 🙂

  10. jazmine279 Says:


  11. Crazyharp81602 Says:

    Definitely Looks gross. Hee Hee Hee!

  12. lukan4 Says:

    Uh… EWWW?

  13. vincetastic Says:

    Haha. This is a really funny top ten list, I don’t know whether to be hungry or to feel like throwing up. I guess it depends on how that food smells and tastes, and in m experience vegan food taste exactly how it looks. Anyone can post their own list to our site The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

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  15. Hopey Says:


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  19. Poopoo Says:

    LOL that brownie was pretty bad.
    I’m a vegan and I’m not sure I would eat any of this. I would love to make a cat crap cake though 😀 Looks funny.

  20. yemek tarifleri Says:

    food is style of living

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