Meatcandy Craft Hour: How to Make a Meat Dress

Jia's Meat Dress

If you are looking for the perfect evening wear for a full night of harassing vegans, this sleek, sexy meat dress might be the answer.  Produced by costume hobbyist Jia and modeled on her website, this salami and bacon number is a perfect way to express your carnivorous style.

Salami and bacon were Jia’s meats of choice based on their workability and meatiness, although she admits that ham, prosciutto, jerky, and even hamburger are possible substitutes.

“I chose salami because it’s thin, keeps in one piece, and is quite cheap, and bacon because it looks very, um, meaty,” she writes.

After layering the meat over a cotton liner dress, Jia placed a layer of clear vinyl on top.  It is very important to seal the bottom of the dress in order to catch the inevitable meat drippings.

So if you want to make friends with a lot of dogs, or piss off the hoards of self righteous vegans, give the meat dress a try.  Just remember, it is recommended that you store the meat dress in the refrigerator, not the closet.


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