Dog-Eating Razorback From Western Australia = Good Eatin’


This wild pig was caught in Roy Hill Station, Newman (Pilbara) in Western Australia. They only caught it because their dogs were going missing. Apparently this big bastard was eating them!

If there’s one kind of meat we don’t eat here at MeatCandy, its dog. But we do love a swine that’s had some australian shepherds marinating in its stomach for a few days. Yum.

Git out the roastin’ stick, boys!


One Response to “Dog-Eating Razorback From Western Australia = Good Eatin’”

  1. Rob J Says:

    Dog tastes better than pork (even wild pig!). You’re not a real carnivore until you’ve tried it. And if you’re squeamish about eating dogmeat, you’re just as big of a sissy as those vegetarians.

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